Next Fetish Zone:

  • Saturday 15 April 2017

  • 20:00 tot 3:00 Hour

  • Telephone available during opening hours

Entrance fee:

  • Women / T-girls: free
  • VIP: free + minimum bar spend € 20,-
  • Couples: € 10,- + minimum bar spend € 20,-
  • Men: € 25,- + minimum bar spend € 25,-

Dress code:

Laquer, Leather, Rubber, Plastic, Metal, Uniform, Fetish Travesty, Fetish Gothic, Kilt, Burlesque, Lolita, Cat girl, Age Play and Fetish Glamour.

Fetish Zone is one of the busiest and most cozy nights in Sameplace.
Every third Saturday of the month you can go wild in your favourite fetish outfit.

There is a strict dress code checked by the doorman, no exceptions are made, no discussion is possible, his/her decision is final. Also for couples, the dress code applies to both partners.

Casual, T-shirts, nude, black briefs or underwear are not allowed on this party.

So to avoid disappointment make sure you meet the dress code.