Conversation – Dancing – Eroticism

Upon entering Sameplace you immediately see the U-shaped bar where you can enjoy a drink and talk with the other guests.

The doorman will welcome you. Also you can deposit your coats and bags there.

There is a changing room with curtains so you can change into your favourite outfit undisturbed.

To the right of the bar there are two big loungebeds where you can chill-out.

Next to the bar area you find our large dance-floor. On the dance-floor there are two steel dancing poles that can be used for erotic pole dancing or exciting SM-scenes. The elevation with mattresses and pillows next to the dance-floor can double as a stage for shows or workshops. In the corner there is a cage for more privacy or other purposes.

The restrooms are situated in the back.

In the space between the bar and dance-floor you can find a shower. So if you are hot and sweaty from dancing or other erotic activity’s you can refresh yourself before going home.

Free condoms and towels are available from the staff.