Conversation – Dancing – Eroticism

Upon entering Sameplace you immediately see the U-shaped bar where you can enjoy a drink and talk with the other guests.

The doorman will welcome you. Also you can deposit your coats and bags there.

There is a changing room with curtains so you can change into your favourite outfit undisturbed.

To the right of the bar there are two big loungebeds where you can chill-out.

Behind the bar is the smoking room, it is separated from the bar by a glass window and has an extraction system.

Next to the bar area you find our large dancefloor, there is a DJ-booth where during theme parties guest DJ’s can play their music.

On the dancefloor there are two steel dancing poles that can be used for erotic pole dancing or exciting SM-scenes. The elevation with matrasses and pillows next to the dancefloor can double as a stage for shows or workshops. In the corner there is a cage for more privacy or other purposes.

The restrooms are situated in the back.

In the space between the bar and dancefloor you can find a shower. So if you are hot and sweaty from dancing or other erotic activity’s you can refresh yourself before going home.

Free condoms and towels are available from the staff.