Freedom, Respect and Openness

  • Our Café
  • The only café where (almost) everything is possible and allowed
  • Everybody is welcome, regardless of gender or sexual orientation
  • The most female friendly café in Amsterdam
  • Always a fun and intimate party

Everybody is welcome at Sameplace: women and men, singles, couples, threesomes, LGBT, transsexuals, BDSMs, swingers, exhibitionists, fetishists, curious, etc…..

Characteristic for Sameplace is the free, open and respectful atmosphere.
Almost everything is possible and allowed as long as you do not harass others, respect them and their limits, standards and values.
There are no special shows and no professional entertainment.
Freedom and openness are stimulated, limits are respected.

Harassing and female unfriendly behaviour will not be tolerated. Adjusting unwanted behaviour and guarding the emotional safety and freedom of visitors has the full attention and concern of our team. Complaints will always be taken seriously.

We value hygiene and sensible handling of eroticism, so towels and free condoms are available.