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The most exciting bar in Amsterdam
– est. 1997 –


Welcome to Sameplace, the only bar in Amsterdam where for 25 years (almost) anything goes! The Sameplace is not a fancy swingersclub, but a real Amsterdam bar. Everybody is welcome, regardless of your experience with erotic dating, gender, sexual preference or fetish. 



Most guests come with their partner, but also women and girlfriends come for a fun night out. For everyone: eroticism, kink and games are optional. For just a drink you are always welcome too.



The atmosphere with us is more relaxed and safer than in many ordinary places. Precisely because there are clear rules and consent can be explicitly discussed. Our visitors are not surprised by anything. Erotic clothing, public intimacy, kink and naked people are normal. We create the atmosphere together. Nothing is required, but (almost) everything is allowed!

There is a small changing room and also towels and lockers are there to use.


Curious, but do you still have questions after reading our website? Feel free to contact us.

Opening hours

  • Monday:CLOSED
  • Tuesday – Thursday: 21.00u – 02.00u
  • Friday & Saturday: 21.00u – 03.00u
  • Sunday: 15.00u – 21.00u and 22.00u – 03.00u


There is no reservation system.

maskerTheme nigths

Also check out our agenda


  • every Sunday night: Couples only
  • every Monday: CLOSED
  • 4th Wednesday of the month T&T night
  • 3rd Thursday of the month:The Game
  • 1st Sunday afternoon of the month: BDSM Pure
  • 2nd Sunday afternoon of the month Erotic Chill Out Party
  • 3rd Sunday afternoon of the month Squirt du soleil
  • 4th Sunday afternoon of the month Shamelessly Naked


There is no reservation system.

cuffsPricing & payments

In Sameplace it’s only possible to pay with cash. Payment with debit or credit card is not possible.
Please note that all ATM machines in Amsterdam close after 11:00 pm.



  • Tuesday – Sunday: entrance €5 + €10 minimum bar spend


please note that you can only pay cash at Sameplace




  • Tuesday – Thursday:  entrance €10 + €20 minimum bar spend
  • Friday and Saturday: entrance €25 + €25 minimum bar spend


please note that you can only pay cash at Sameplace


  • Tuesday – Thursday: entrance €10 + €20 minimum bar spend
  • Friday & Saturday: entrance   €15 + €20 minimum bar spend
  • Sunday Night: entrance        €10 + €20 minimum bar spend


please note that you can only pay cash at Sameplace

Door policy

At Sameplace everyone from 18 years and up is welcome. From students to tourists, from regulars to exploring couples, singles or experienced sex- or swingers’ club visitors. From cuddlers to people practicing BDSM or swinging; everyone of all gender is welcome.


Because Sameplace is not just an erotic cafe but also just a casual Amsterdam cafe, for many visitors we are the first and low-threshold introduction to erotic partying.


  • We try to maintain a good balance of guests inside; couples, men and women.
  • Are you visiting as a single man? When there’s an excess of single men inside, it may be you are not admitted at that time.
  • For some nights access is limited to a specific target group and/or dress code (check the agenda!). It’s up to the host whether a visitor meets these requirements.


There is no reservation system.



A good night out starts with a decent appearance. So it’s appreciated when you pay attention to your clothing!




  • On all days SINGLE men need to wear black shoes, black shirt and black trousers.
  • On all days, being dressed in kinky and/or fetish clothing is welcome.
  • On all days, being partly or fully naked is welcome.
  • On all days, cross-dressing is welcome.
  • On theme nights a special dress code may apply. 


We reserve the right to not letting you in if your clothing is not according the dress code.


house rules

At Someplace, almost every form of play and intimacy is allowed. Condoms, towels, lube, many beds and playroom are available, but feel free to play at the bar or on the dance floor as well!

To create a nice and safe environment for everyone, some house rules apply.


Not allowed are:

  • Any recording equipment (this includes cellphones!). There is a wardrobe and lockers are available.
  • Smoking.
  • Using and/or dealing drugs and excess use of alcohol.
  • Financial compensation for sex.
  • Touching others without consent.


Of course we expect you to leave your playing area tidy for the other customers and leave your used towels in the laundry bin upstairs, for condoms there are trash cans everywhere.