In Sameplace it is not possible to pay by bank or credit card. Make sure you have cash with you.


Access Policy

Sameplace is open to anyone of 18 years and older.

On theme nights and parties, specific target groups are allowed and sometimes a dress code applies. See the agenda.

Our doorman checks if the purpose of the guests matches the theme or target group of the night and if the guests meet the dress code. To new visitors the house rules are explained.

The doorman also keeps an eye out if the number of men to women is in proportion.

In the event of a surplus of single men, guests may be refused at the door.


VIP membership

Regular visitors may be offered a VIP membership. This membership offers permanent access to Sameplace, provided the guest is well dressed and fits in with the target group of the night.


Dress code

Well groomed, pay attention to your looks and clothes.


– Monday: Dress to Impress,  Kinky & Partywear

– Tuesday through Thursday: Neat dress

– Friday through Sunday: Sexy dressed
– Single men: Completely black dressed in black shirt & black pants
So no jeans, sportswear, faded t-shirts or casual.

Theme and Fetish parties

– Check out the dress code on the theme pages.

We reserve the right to refuse guests if they do not meet the dress code.