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vincent van wijk
01/09/2020 15:40

Last thursday I had a great evening at Sameplace. I really had some fun with the two lovely (Russian?) girls and with “lady squirt” It was really nice to lick you all night long. Hope to see you next time. Cheers. V.

27/07/2020 20:57

Hi sexy people! I’m a single, straight, 35yo guy. Looking to take a date (female) to Sameplace.

Drop me a line on my WhatsApp +44 7957 180420

Thanks! Alex,

15/07/2020 12:43

Hope the nice people who work and who we have met in this great cafe are all doing ok. Hope to see you soon as things get a little bit more normal

22/06/2020 15:51

pity now with corona time, is that any hetero sport man would like to meet ?

29/04/2020 18:18

Hey, im tgirl from malaysian, 24 180 65, look for another man to go to the club together, please contact me. my email is tgirllook4niceguy@yahoo.com would like to make new friends, thank you.

28/02/2020 14:40

German couple is looking for experienced gentlemen to visit the club or more.

We visit Amsterdam from March 19th. – 22.03. and April 9th – April 13th


23/02/2020 17:43

I’m a single girl looking for a girl or couple to enter the club together with me for my first time (no single guys!). I want to go between now and 3rd March 😀 evegirl1997@gmail.com

14/02/2020 19:11

We attended ‘Let Us Be “Bi”’ night on Thurs 13 Feb & had a lot of fun with a lot of cocks! Wife was spit roasted & gang banged and I got to suck on 3 cocks. A very hot & horny night! Thank you SamePlace. We highly recommend this it!

10/02/2020 00:43

Hi everyone, I’m looking for T-Girls to visit Sameplace on the T&T night on the 26th of February. 28 years old, male, 183cm, attractive, respectful.
Please email me kt1991@gmx.de

05/02/2020 23:52

Hey, im tgirl, 24 180 65, look for another man or couple to go to the club together, please contact me. my email is tgirllook4niceguy@yahoo.com first time there. im little shy as well. asian girl are always shy. please email me. thank you.

05/02/2020 20:58

English speaking couple, first time in our early 30s. Looking to watch another couple similar age, no swapping. Looking forward to first time at sameplace!

01/02/2020 14:30

Hi everyone, I am looking for a lady or a couple to visit sameplace tonight first time (more enthusiastic about going with someone ). 33 years old, male, respectful, clean and kinky. pls email sarangplace@yahoo.com

29/01/2020 08:30

Hello Sameplace beautiful people.
Another stag male (slim attractive and very naughty) visiting Amsterdam and hopefully Sameplace (if I get past the lovely doorman)
Would love to meet you with some sexy playmates.
Email a

28/01/2020 07:47

i went there twice but didn’t get entry inside. pathetic club

25/01/2020 02:53

My girl and I visited from UK in Jan. People will respect your space and ask your permission first, It’s a SAFE place, owner stopped any more men coming in to keep balance, great owner, great place, this is the best swingers club In Amsterdam by far

21/01/2020 16:11

Hello, I´m a 30 man living in Amsterdam, looking for a woman, no matter the age, with which to go to the same place together, please write to this email amsterdamjoan@hotmail.com

20/01/2020 19:01

Hi, Irish/Lithuanian Couple visiting Tuesday 11th Feb, would like to meet up with bi-female if anyone is feeling adventurous.

12/01/2020 13:39

Hi, Myself and my partner (FetLife profile as username here) are visting weekend of 31st January and were hoping to find some friends to chat with while we are there, feel free to say hello.

huzr pryh
12/01/2020 02:11

I’m a man 37 very much for looking, nice and polite looking to meet a girl in Amsterdam 13 or 14 of January.
If you are into Dom/sub it can be nice but also for regular vanilla

08/01/2020 00:31

Hi, my partner and I intend to visit from the UK between 14th -16th Jan, how busy is it usually during the week? We would have preferred to come at the weekend but this isn’t possible

27/12/2019 13:14


I am 28M , I am Bi Curious. I want to meet female or hot couple in Sameplace. Please let me know if i can join with anyone?

26/12/2019 14:58

im tgirl, 24 180 65, look for another man to go with me together, please contact me. my email is tgirllook4niceguy@yahoo.com it will be my first time there. look for a nice guy to go together. thank you.

19/12/2019 15:45

Hi all, i am a female 32 yrs old,would love to catch up with another female ,or dominant femme, if interested my kik is softluv007@gmail.com, can go together too to the club.

Reply to  malvika
20/12/2019 12:19

Also would like to b surrounded by men all feeling my body ,like a whore i am.

huzr pryh
Reply to  malvika
12/01/2020 02:18

I’ll be in the club this week. Ping me if you’re available huzrpryh@gmail.com

Fresh black dude
17/12/2019 20:07

Am coming to Amsterdam in January looking for a girl who wants to hang out between 22 and 28 am 27

Reply to  Fresh black dude
26/12/2019 15:00

hello, nice to meet you.

Young Irish couple
13/12/2019 02:25

hi, my girlfriend and I are thinking of going on Friday 13th dec. we are a 22 and 23 year old
Couple looks to explore with single girls or couples. Would anyone be interested in joining us?

21/11/2019 18:38

Hi, Im a horny and curius guy wonder if there is any couples or ladys/girls coming to Sameplace tomorrow 22th november at kinky night?

15/11/2019 09:53

Hi Guys, we are spending christmas in amsterdam, when are you open and closed over the holiday period ?

Reply to  norwegianfun
26/12/2019 15:02

hello, how can i contact you ?

09/10/2019 16:53

We visited Sameplace last saturday for the 3th time and we enjoyed very much. It was exciting. Very relaxing and respectful ambiance and very Nice various people from all over the world. We will soon visit again and hope to meet Nice couples.

08/10/2019 12:16

we enjoyed a fantastic friday and Saturday here. Very convenient location, extremely friendly people working here who actually made us feel very comfortable. Very mixed crowd but very respectful and we did not feel any pressure. We will be back xx

23/09/2019 14:37

Hello Sameplace, it will be the first time for my wife and me to visite such place, are we still going to be welcome if we do not mix, have sex with other people? Thank you!

Reply to  bgcouple
08/10/2019 15:10

Of course you are welcome if you do not have sex with others! See the message above from norwegianfun

18/09/2019 15:52

Hi. My girlfriend and I are looking for a couple we’ve met on August 16th and August 18th. The guy had sex with my girlfriend on sunday. Please reply here. Cheers

11/09/2019 20:11

We’re an English couple intending to visit SamePlace on evening of either 18th or 19th Sept. My girlfriend would love to receive a gangbang and bukkake, any people interested?

26/08/2019 20:03

New and would like to go sometime next week (probably 5 Sep) to discover more. Anyone to enlighten me on what to expect, and what commitment to bring along? KiK Edward_UK62 to share info with me. Thanks.

Danny allisandra
26/08/2019 01:24

Yes last time i was with no wife this time come with my baby wil be fun

20/08/2019 13:09

We’ve been to Sameplace before and will be back in Amsterdam last week of August. We’d like to take our fantasies to a next level; is it allowed that my slutty wife sits completely naked and cum-covered at the bar upstairs? Cheers, V&J

Reply to  vito
22/08/2019 11:49

Hi V&J, nice that you come to visit us again!
Of course you can go one step further to make the fantasy come true!
We wish yo Lots of fun

19/08/2019 12:53

I will attend the T/T night on the 28th. Anyone else going there?

11/08/2019 18:47

How is the club on a Sunday night. My wife and I would love to meet like minded people and have sum fun. We are visiting Amsterdam for a few days.How is the crowd on a Sunday night? Please reply or can be emailed naeemakhalwaya@gmail.com

09/08/2019 17:37

On weekend nights, do single guys need to wear Black shirts/trousers or are other colours allowed? (I’m not into black clothes… Lol)

Sizar Carolina
07/08/2019 17:47

Hi we are couple looking for single girl or couple
Planing to visit this club during this month
Kindly contact us in Kik banker_leo

05/08/2019 12:50

Looking for: NICOLAS and NATASA from Athens; met 04-08-2019; cant find you guys on FB so if you ever read this: try us on KIKNefertite67

05/08/2019 06:45

Me and my wife would like to visit and would like to enjoy the ambiance and have sex with other willing couples. Haven’t decided on date yet. How about any additional fees to pay? Do you need membership?

Sizar Carolina
07/08/2019 23:40

Contact me pls Kik banker_leo

04/08/2019 18:33

Had a great time at this club last Sunday. Cool bar and cool crowd. Lots of playtime with other half and crowd very respectful. Good areas for playing and having fun. Ended night with a cool couple just before time was up!

Reply to  COL7519
04/08/2019 22:54

Thanks for your nice compliments an the sweet words! We see you next time!

Reply to  Sameplace
10/08/2019 08:09

totally agree, had a great time with nice respectful people

30/07/2019 13:50

Hi we are couple coming to visiting Sameplace on the 8th August for the Bi night as we are both aged 50 and my wife blonde and good looking and looking to meet up with other girls or couples. Also what do people wear once in the club Thanks T

Reply to  Tone
30/07/2019 16:02

Hi T, Thank you for your interest in our club.
There is no dress code for couples!
You will find that many people will be dressed in many ways, from rather casual to cross-dressed to very sexy to naked, all are fine.
Some people come in 1 outfit, feel the atmosphere and eventually change in something sexier.

Francesca Kitten
20/07/2019 21:47

Hi Everyone. I will be visiting Sameplace with my partner on the 6th August. I am looking forward to some very sexy fun. My name is Francesca Kitten and if you google “Francesca Kitten British MILF” you will see quite a lot of me. See you on the 6th.

Francesca Kitten
Reply to  Francesca Kitten
15/08/2019 17:38

Did not make it on the 6th but visited the club on the 8th. Had a wonderful evening and we will visit again next time we are in Amsterdam. Thank you.

08/07/2019 11:44

Great experience! Nice people, and kind staff managing the club. We will come back to Ams just to see you again!

Message for the couple from Ams with friends in Italy, please contact us!

Reply to  AlbeLallaGe
09/07/2019 02:19

Thank you for your sweet compliments and goodbye xxx

19/06/2019 08:31

Was visiting sameplace in september 2018 with my gf at T & T night, all was good, will visit this year again 😉

Reply to  sexycd
19/06/2019 09:41

Nice to read that and nice that you will come back again this year! See you soon

17/05/2019 03:12

I want to bring my bf here is it ok if we keep to are selfs and don’t interact with others

Reply to  mastrandrea
19/06/2019 09:39

Of course that’s good

02/05/2019 21:08

Zijn er morgen single dames aanwezig? Ik ben een man van 24, op zoek naar een leuke/mooie dame voor een mooie nacht. Leeftijd maakt niks uit. Wil je voor de avond begint afspreken? Mail dan naar premium7inch1@gmail.com

26/04/2019 17:47

Hi I am keen to meet up tomorrow evening . I am 45 years old – looking for some hot 3 some with 2 women – anyone interested ping me on stardude3481@gmail.com

26/02/2019 16:25

Hello all!
Male at early 30s, located in Amsterdam, straight (for the moment) here. I am looking for a dominant female to lead me in exploring this side of me. I would like to meet her on Sameplace. I have never been there before…