Next Golden Oldies:

  • Saturday 29 September – 20:00 till 03:00


  • Women / T-girls: free
  • Couples: € 10,- + minimum bar € 20,-
  • Men: € 25,- + minimum bar € 25,-
  • VIP couples: free + minimum bar € 20,-
  • VIP men: free + minimum bar € 25,-


Back in Time!!
Single men minimal black shirt with pants,
(no jeans and sports shoes.)

We’re going to make a real time trip with the music from then.

A trip to the agitated 70s, 80s and 90s, a time when much has happened in terms of freedom and tolerance. But also a time of music still made on instruments and not with computers.
Enjoy each other while enjoying this music.

The dress code for single men is minimal black shirt with pants, so no jeans and sports shoes.

We would like to see you, preferably dressed in a sexy outfit from that time.

See you there,

The Sameplace team.