Let us be ``BI``

  • Thursday 11 October – 20:00 till 01:00


  • Women, T-Girls: free
  • Couples: free + minimum bar € 15, –
  • Men: € 5, – + minimum bar € 15, –
  • VIP: free + minimum bar € 15, –



Are you bisexual, or interested in the theme, then the second Thursday of the month is the night for you in Sameplace.

This evening the erotic contact between man-man, woman-woman and all other conceivable combinations of them is the central theme.

Our doorman will watch the proportion of men to women. Men alone are welcome but it must be in proportion to the number of couples and women. It may therefore prevent you from entering, but you can try again later in the evening.

We look forward to seeing you,

The Sameplace Team