Squirt du Soleil 2018:

  • Saturday 16 september 2018
  • open from 14:00 till 19:00


  •  € 10,00 + plus minimaal 2 drinks


Leer, Rubber, Plastic, Metaal, Uniform, Fetish Travestie, Fetish Gothic, Kilt, Burlesque, Lolita, Cat Girl, Age Play en Fetish Glamour.

The queer play party for girls, boys, and any kind of gender. If you are openminded and love BDSM play you are welcome!

We provide snacks, but bring whatever you like!

If the entrance fee is too much for you, let us know, because we would like you to come and we can always use some help with the build up of the party.

We have some ideas for fun workshops:
Rope bondage
Creative with stuff from kitchen
Discussion panel about an SM topic
SM for beginners
Play without toys (but with body, voice, hands)
Role play

Let us know what your preference is.

We are open for fun ideas, and would you like to give a workshop, let us know.

See you in Sameplace!
The Squirt du Soleil Team