Next The Game:

  • Thursday 18 October – 20:00 – 01:00


  • Women, T-Girls: Free
  • Couples: free + minimum bar € 10, –
  • Men: € 5, – + minimum bar € 15, –
  • VIP: free + minimum bar € 15, –
  • Snacks Included



The Game, The Party for Sex and BDSM, is organised every third Thursday of each month.

During the BDSM Pure we discovered that there was a need amongst our guests to combine sex and BDSM, that’s why we organise The Game, especially for those who like to have sex before, during or after their BDSM play.

So it is important that if you come to our party you do not mind people around you have sex.

If you like this too than join us every third Thursday of the month.

Hope to see you there, Romano & Miss Lonkie